Privacy Policy -LoA

Date: 31st Jan 2017

This privacy policy is applicable to Legend of Abhimanyu (abbreviated as LoA) developed by ACY Entertainment Ltd. (often referred to as "we" for the sake of simplicity).

Information we Collect:

We do not collect any information that can be used to personally identify or contact our players. LoA uses third party analytics from Unity Technologies. A brief overview of information we collect is present in later sections. For detailed information, please refer to Unity's privacy policy as mentioned on its webpage.
As an example, the data we collect includes (but is not limited to) the following game-related indicators: time spent per level, number of retries per level, time spent per session of gameplay, etc. The game does not have access to personal information like: player nickname, player demographics (age, gender), device location, device owner account, phone contacts, phone SMS or other app's contents.

Information Usage:

All data we collect is strictly anonymous. We never match playing behaviour to player identities, and that is because, the game doesn’t collect any kind of personal data (as mentioned earlier).

The game is built using Unity, a game engine which requires access to some technical information about the player’s device in order to work properly. Such as device manufacturer, hardware components, device and network identifiers, system language etc. The collected technical data is managed by Unity and aggregated in publicly-available statistics. We have no control over how Unity uses such information.

Your Consent:

By installing LoA, you consent to this privacy policy.

Changes to Privacy Policy:

If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will update the app page and/or any other webpage policy is listed on.